Labone Mwine Makorikori was born on 6th September 2014 in Izabela Gołąb’s Makorikori kennel. Izabela started breeding dogs in 2007 – she was our first guide to the world of Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Labone came from a litter of 12 – he is the son of JCHPL, CHPL, MultiBOB, BOS, BOG Luksus z Werwą and JCHPL, CHPL, MultiBOB, BOS Waceera Ajia Makorikori.

Labone Mwine Makorikori

His mother, Waceera (nicknamed Waśka in Polish), is the daughter of Wantu-Ikimba Waitimu: 2010 World Champion, one of the most prize-winning Rhodesians in the world and the father of many exceptional offspring. Waśka is a gorgeous female exhibiting amazing proportions, beautiful head, most marvellous eye shape and fluidity of motion.

Waacera Aija Makorikori
Ikimba Waitimu

Labone’s father – Luksus – was bred in Katarzyna Rusinek’s Z Werwą kennel. He is appealing, elegant and well-built. Luksus descends from an excellent lineage; his ancestors included: Luksus descends from an excellent lineage – his ancestors include Rydgeway African Hunter and Jockular Jamal Aquamarin – a World and CRUFTS Champion – who was also the father of Labone’s grandmother, Dancing Revue (nicknamed Rewia in Polish).

Luksus z Werwą

Our Rhodesian story began with Labone. His features are not limited to the stunning looks since he possesses an outstanding personality as well. He is a brave, proud and loving dog towards his owners and others too. Labone’s characteristic trait is his elegant and fluid motions. It was appreciated and brought up by both show and coursing competition judges.

Labone Mwine Makorikori

Our close and beloved Labcio (Polish for Labby) is also a BOB, BOS, BIG Multichampion. More on his show achievements can be found in the achievements tab.

Labone in the opinion of the judges

Very promising dog ,type head ,good eye. Still a little
shallow chest . Good Ridge . Corret lines. Puppy movement

Jan Ryk
XXII International Dog Show Wrocław, 28.09.2014

Good size and proportion dog ,nice head,elegant neck,
good bone,very good angulation ,good temperament, very
good topline,elegant,free movement

Mirosław Olejnik
International Dog Show Zielona Góra, 5.07.2015

„Head in race type,scissor bite,good topline, appropriately
capacious chest ,good quality and long length ridge,good
limbs ,in norm

Andrzej Brabletz
International Dog Show Zielona Góra, 6.03.2016

Nice male, correct head, good color, elegant neck, very good angulation, good, rich movement, nice breed type.

Bo Skalin
XXXV International Dog Show Opole, 24.04.2016

4 years old strong male, good head, correct bite, good proportion and topline.

Stefan Sinko
CACIB Giljan, 2018



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